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For the most part‚ homes are not designed for accessibility. Doors and hallways are too narrow for someone in a wheelchair. Bathrooms are usually equipped with a tub/shower combo that requires a big step in‚ which is often not possible for the elderly or disabled user. Entrances into the house usually have steps and unless you live in a bungalow‚ moving to the second floor can be difficult. What can you do if you need to accommodate someone for a short period of time? Sometimes people are waiting to get into a nursing home‚ or will be coming home from the hospital after unexpected turn of events and there isn’t time to renovate. Whether you are planning renovations that will take time or need to accommodate someone who has limited mobility temporarily‚ there are some short term solutions that can help.

  1. Wheelchair lifts can be an expensive investment if you only need one temporarily. However‚ a portable wheelchair lift may be suitable for an entrance inside a garage or home to help someone move to a different level of the house. The lifts can be moved to a different location‚ if you occasionally need a lift somewhere else and can be easily moved to a different home if there is a change in living situations.

  2. Often getting someone into a tub or shower is difficult‚ especially if the bathroom is on a different level of the house and there is no access to a lift. Portable showers are a great option for short term or occasional use‚ or when a renovation isn’t possible. It would offer accessible bathing for someone in a wheelchair‚ without having to wait through renovations. Portable showers have soft walls and the good quality units are easy to set up and take down. The hoses attached to a sink close by and water is removed from the shower pan with a pump that would drain into the sink. They are available in a variety of sizes and are available with a wheelchair roll in entrance.

  3. Bath transfer seats are also available to help someone get in and out of a tub. These are often available at local medical supply stores. They are long seats that extend from outside the tub to the inside‚ so someone can sit down safely on the outside ledge‚ then swing legs over and slide the rest of the was over the tub.

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